Client Whole Foods

Project Whole Foods Market, Arlington, Virginia


We’ve completed two major re-models at this store. The first required the installation of a new mezzanine floor, catwalk and stairway, to make space for the new café and seating area. We also had to install a new elevator and elevator shaft to make the new space ADA-compliant. We also upgrading the prepared foods and wine departments to provide greater prepared food selections and wine inventories. The second remodel focused on the produce department, requiring us to remove existing walls and move the department back, in order to create a large open sales floor, to provide customers with more space to navigate, and to provide the store with more options.


These projects required ARA to perform several re-models while maintaining store operations, store cleanliness, and customer comfort, and as such work was undertaken at night to avoid any disturbance. We were able to complete these remodels on time, with as little impact to the Whole Foods’ store operations as possible, while maintaining daily communication with management on updates, to create a seamless working relationship.

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