Safety is our top priority

Protecting all of our employees, contractors and people so that everyone comes home safely each day is critical to us and our business. We ensure that all of our staff are trained and retrained to the highest safety standards and accreditations.

Trained to ensure safety

Each of our site superintendents have received OSHA 30 training; a training program that covers general safety and health-hazards, followed by industry-specific training intended for supervisors and workers with safety and health responsibilities.   

Ours is a culture of accountability

We have fostered a culture of accountability across the organization. We always put safety first and proactively explore optimal practices and approaches for every new job, to ensure that safety is foremost in our minds at all times.

Through our experience, management, superintendents and partnerships, we have learned and embraced and fostered the most effective safety strategies for every setting, making us experts in what is necessary for the job to be done well, with the utmost safety. We constantly work with each other to review ways to reduce exposure to risk, and identify efficiencies that can be made.

With the scale of projects we work on, and the reputation of the clients we partner with at stake, safety is absolutely essential in every detail.

“A detailed understanding of construction safety statistics and standards not only minimizes risk of accident or injury; it maximizes the likelihood of completing each project on time and on budget.”

Vice-President & Partner
ARA Construction