ARA Superintendent are considered working superintendent and, outside of performing duties listed below, the superintendent is expected to work diligently in a consistent manner.


  1. Manage/direct ARA employees and subcontractors to complete job in accordance with the construction documents.
  2. Coordinate with all trades on site to ensure the trades can perform their scope of work without interference with or from other trades.
  3. Work closely with clients and client personnel to schedule deliveries and coordinate owner-installed items.
  4. Identify and report site and drawing discrepancies.
  5. Assist all trades in dimensional layout. Report inaccurate drawing dimensions to the project manager. The superintendent is responsible for all layout work, not the subcontractor. The subcontractor should perform all layouts relating to their scope, but the superintendent is responsible for confirming the dimensions and layout are correct.
  6. Maintain ARA and OSHA site safety compliance.
  7. Create detailed, accurate field reports that are consistently submitted to the office on a DAILY basis.
  8. Maintain professional WORKING as-built documents for change order acknowledgement and client closeout documents.
  9. Work closely with the project manager to identify change orders by submitting the proposed change order document as and when change orders are identified.
  10. Complete all ARA and client punch lists. Completed punch lists need to have photos of the completed tasks attached to the document and sent to the project manager for verification.
  11. Maintain organized records for deliveries, inspections, submittals and shop drawings. This means all delivery slips are neatly organized within the superintendent’s folder. All superintendents should have a hole punch on site at all times.
  12. Complete and submit injury reports, as well as accompany injured person to the hospital, and ensure that a full hospital report is received by ARA office.
  13. Verify that all trades are working from latest drawings.
  14. Maintain an organized schedule of deadlines in order to complete tasks in a timely manner, and avoid causing any delay in job progress.
  15. Maintain a neat and organized office space with tables and chairs for the weekly meetings. Superintendents also need to maintain a drawing table where legible drawings are to be stored and reviewed.
  16. Send APM weekly update photos that will be sent to the clients.
  17. Be a professional, courteous contact point for all ARA customers/landlords/building department personnel.
  18. Be a professional, courteous contact point for all ARA subcontractors.

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