ARA Foreman are considered working Foreman and outside of performing duties listed below the Foreman is expected to work diligently in a consistent manner.


  1. Daily onsite management of ARA in house carpenters and laborers. Validating the time of each ARA carpenter and laborer under Foreman Supervision.
  2. Maintain working materials, tools, equipment & consumables to for workflow continuity and consistent production of the installers.
  3. Foreman is responsible for the dimensional layout of any install being performed by Foreman and crew. Any layout conflicts noted (even with other trades) shall be reported to the site Superintendent.
  4. Maintain an inventory of ARA stored materials and report theft to upper management if a suspected theft has occurred.
  5. Manage employee break times.
  6. Write field tickets for T&M jobs and/or scopes of work that are a change to the contract.
  7. Report to ARA’s or other GC’s weekly schedule meetings.
  8. Report to the Superintendent at the start of the day and at the end of the day to ensure the hours worked and site cleanliness are recognized and validated by the Superintendent.
  9. Foreman shall maintain site safety rules outlined by OSHA and the ARA Site Safety and Procedures Manual.
  10. In the event of an injury regardless of the severity the ARA Foreman is responsible for creating and submitting an injury report to the Superintendent. If the injury is severe enough to warrant hospital care the Foreman shall accompany the worker to the hospital.

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